Bespoke Glass Splashbacks

 Glass Splashback Bathroom, Altitude Interiors, Blackburn

Bespoke Glass Splashbacks

Altitude provides a wide range of coloured kitchen splash backs for kitchens and bathrooms on supply only basis or completed with survey and installation.


There are many benefits of having a glass splashback in your kitchen or bathroom. 

-  Glass Splashbacks are easy to clean. Unlike traditional kitchen wall coverings a glass splashback can be wiped over and cleaned very easily and quickly, using your usual glass cleaner.

- Glass Splashbacks do not get mouldy or stained. You do not need to scrub or remove mould or stains from group joints.

- Glass Splashbacks can be made in any colours.

- Glass Splashbacks look modern. With many designs and colours available, giving your kitchen or bathroom a very modern and unique appearance that will leave your neighbours and visitors wanting one too!

- Glass Splashbacks are heat resistant.

- Glass Splashbacks reflect more light. A great added bonus of having a glass splashback is that they reflect a lot of natural light which brightens up your interior.


From survey through to completion, our team offers expert advice and guidance every step of the way giving you total peace of mind. Please contact our team for more information on our bespoke glass splashback installation services or any of our services.



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